About Us

Komo is a contemporary art group specializing in curatorial projects, artist commissions, and arts and culture programming. Komo has been built from 20+ years of experience in the art world at places like Pace Gallery, Metro Pictures, Paddle 8, Gagosian Gallery, and relationships cultivated with artists around the world.

Who We Are

The Komo team shares a deep understanding of art market trends and a passion for visual language. With specialized access to contemporary artwork and direct relationships with emerging, mid-career, and established artists, Komo partners with individuals, private companies, and non-profits to curate compelling spaces and generate social impact through art.

What we Do

  • Artist Commissions: We connect artists with collectors and arrange commissioned artwork for special projects.

  • Consignment: We facilitate the consignment of works, and take great care to place them in the right space. 

  • Curatorial Projects: We work with individuals, companies, and non-profits to curate compelling physical spaces and generate social impact through art.

  • Viewings: we curate in-person and custom private digital viewings so our clients have the information they need to understand their options.

  • Art Fair Walk-Throughs: We travel to leading art fairs, biennials, and exhibitions around the world, helping our clients develop a deeper understanding for what they love. 

  • Shipping, Storage, & Logistics: We manage end-to-end transport, including price negotiation and custom installation.

WhAT’S In a Name

Komo is derived from the Japanese word Komorebi 木漏れ日, meaning light filtering through leaves when sun hits the trees. It’s a concept that both inspires and grounds us. Komo represents a natural philosophy of being, in which new ideas and artwork are constantly illuminated, with strong roots always in market data, expertise, and the art community.

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