About Us


Komo is a New York-based contemporary art group managing public and private collections around the world.  Komo combines expertise in art and technology to elevate the traditional experience of buying, selling, and collecting art.  


Who We Are

Komo was founded by Charlie Manzo and Sarah Schwarzbeck.

With over 25 years of combined experience in the art and tech worlds, including tenures at Pace, Gagosian, Metro Pictures, Paddle8, Bridgewater Associates, IBM, and Plated, the two possess a keen understanding of market and technology trends, and unique access to contemporary artwork.  New and experienced collectors alike benefit from their breadth and depth of knowledge, their use of technology to streamline the buying and selling experience, and the relationships they've cultivated with artists and galleries around the world.

WhAT’S In a Name

Komo is derived from the Japanese word Komorebi 木漏れ日, meaning light filtering through leaves when sun hits the trees. It’s a concept that both inspires and grounds us. Having no english language equivalent, Komo represents a natural philosophy of being, in which new ideas and artwork are constantly illuminated, with strong roots always in market data, expertise, and the art community.

What we Do

  • Relationships: We value trusted personal relationships above all else.  We will go the extra mile to create a positive experience and connect you with others who might inspire, support, or guide you too.

  • Private Sales: Whether you are a new or experienced collector, we offer strategic guidance to ensure you’re comfortable, informed, and connected. We guarantee privacy and confidentiality every step of the way.

  • Viewings: Our team curates private digital views tailored to your unique taste and preferences, so you have the information you need to understand your options. As you proceed, we organize all aspects of in-person viewings including shipping, insurance, and logistics.

  • Appraisals: Our team of experts will provide you with an assessment of fair market value on a given work or your complete collection for insurance and collection management purposes.

  • Consignment: We accept works on exclusive consignment for private sale and take great care to place them in the right collection. 

  • Artist Commissions: We connect artists with collectors and arrange commissioned artwork and projects.

  • VIP Art Fair Access: We'll travel to and guide you through leading art fairs, biennials, and exhibitions around the world, helping you develop a deeper understanding for what you love. 

  • Shipping, Storage, & Logistics: We manage end-to-end transport and insurance process post-sale, including price negotiation and custom installation

  • Foreign Transaction Handling: We manage foreign transaction details including customs clearance, exchange rates, and VAT charges where applicable

  • Data Management: We maintain secure and current records of your collection, complete with images, provenance, and relevant documentation so you have the details at your fingertips whenever you need them.


Why We Do it

Charlie and Sarah share a passion for fusing art and technology to build collections that inspire. 


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“My wife and I first met Charlie Manzo ten years ago when he was working at Pace Gallery in NYC. In the years since we have had a front row seat watching his career flourish through hard work and excellent service. He is now our trusted advisor and we have acquired – and sold – many blue chip works with his assistance, expertise, and counsel. We also have developed a friendship built on trust and respect. We could not recommend Charlie more highly.”

Collector of Contemporary Art

New York

“I have known and worked closely with Sarah for the past four years at multiple companies and watched her drive meaningful growth, both organizationally and financially. Sarah is well-versed in technological trends and adeptly pushes boundaries, driving forward innovative ideas wherever she sees an opportunity for improvement, all with an eye toward making the complete experience better. She is passionately entrepreneurial, and a trusted colleague and friend.”

Senior Director of Finance


“Charlie가 Pace에 있을 때 부터 오늘 날 한명의 독자적인 딜러로 성장하기까지 저는 15년이라는 오랜 시간동안 그를 알아왔고, 그와 함께 많은 일을 해왔습니다. 저를 비롯하여 저의 클라이언트들 역시 그가 갖고 있는 내면의 힘과 훌륭한 취향을 믿어 의심치 않습니다. 아트 딜링 산업이라는 결코 쉽지 않은 분야에서 이러한 그의 행보는 마치 진귀한 보석을 찾는 일과 같습니다. Charlie는 저에게 있어 단연 최고의 동료이자 오래도록 제가 사랑하는 친구이며, 그와 함께 일할 수 있게 되어 영광이고 더할나위 없이 기쁩니다.”

“I have been working with Charlie for over 15 years. My clients and I trust him as he has integrity and fine taste, which is like discovering a rare gem in the tough art dealing industry! Charlie is definitely my best partner professionally and a dear friend for a long time and I feel so blessed to work with him.”

Art Advisor and Collector