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2018 saw more than $63 billion in global art sales, up from $50 billion in 2017.
75% of art collectors and buyers are purchasing art for collecting purposes but with an investment view — a meaningful jump from 53% just two years earlier.

Why Invest in Art?


Most people who consider art an investment are collectors first and investors second, buying art that they would love to live with for years, while appreciating over time.


As a physical asset that maintains its value with minimal maintenance, art is a "hands-off" investment that stays within your control.


Art has performed historically well in times of high and rising inflation. Collectors are increasingly viewing art from an investment perspective in times of macroeconomic uncertainty.

Seeing is Believing

Return on Investment (ROI) on Artwork Placed

Note: The dataset above represents actual returns seen by our clients from works of art acquired over the past eight years. The % return per work is calculated based on the current value of the piece (in 2019) relative to when it was sold. All personal information pertaining to the sale and provenance of the works represented above is confidential.

Collect with Confidence


A trusted advisor can be critical to navigating the market and choosing a piece that is loved and enjoyed for years and increases in value. This is where we come in.


The value of an artwork can depend on: 


The artist

Upcoming exhibitions

Medium, size, and color of the work

Year the work was created


Condition of the work

Subject matter of the work

Support by museums and institutions

Macro & microeconomic trends

Comparable auction sale results


For guidance making a purchase, appraising, building upon, or refreshing your collection, we are here to help.


Collect with Komo.